Honouring the Tech Innovators who have endeavoured for excellence in the field of Datacenter and Cloud Technologies.

DC Innovation Awards, powered by Cisco aims to recognize the “Breakthroughs” achieved by Organizations, Teams and individuals that have embarked on a journey of adopting & implementing future-tech towards modernizing their datacenters, building hybrid clouds, investing in automation and rethinking their operations and thus truly creating a business impact making them flagbearers of tech adopters in India.

A virtual ceremony to honour enterprises, individuals and entrepreneurs who have struck down all barriers and roadblocks on their journey towards technological innovation and excellence.






Best in DC

Best in DC

Pioneer of DC Transformation

As the digital economy becomes responsible for a growing share of enterprise revenue, it has also become an increasingly important item on the CEO’s agenda. The focus is now on Customers, Capabilities, Critical Infrastructure, and Industry Ecosystems.

This award recognizes the organizations which are working towards becoming a Future Enterprise to lead in the digital economy.

Next Frontier in Digital Transition

This award recognizes that a large percentage of a digital enterprise’s revenue depends upon the responsiveness, scalability, and resiliency of the infrastructure deployed within its own facilities and its ability to take advantage of third-party provided and operated infrastructure resources delivered as a service.

An enterprise who has captured upon this digital transition by building a modern infrastructure ecosystem and focusing on ensuring ever faster delivery of innovative infrastructure hardware, software, resource abstraction, and process technologies to support the development and continual refinement of resilient digital services and digital experiences.

Best in Digital Resiliency

Digital Resiliency is the ability for an organization to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging its digital capabilities to not only restore business operations, but also capitalize on the changed conditions to ensure future success in the next normal.

This definition includes Business Resiliency but goes much further in its emphasis of the distinctive role of digital technology and also the need to go beyond mere survival and continuation of the status quo.

The pandemic revealed that some digitally advanced companies were not only able to continue to operate effectively but were quickly able to pivot their business either to new customer segments, or delivery of new digital services to support growth.

This award recognizes organizations which have demonstrated digital resiliency.

Best in Enterprise Modernization

Enterprise are still managing and housing their IT on-prem but are increasingly alive to the alternatives. The enterprise portfolio may include a diaspora of on-prem, various cloud types and services, colocation and managed services.

This Award seeks to reward this journey which may include data center new build, extension or modernisation, outsourcing, cloud and hybrid IT and which means enterprise continues to be far more than just a consumer in this landscape.

Best in DC Innovation

This award recognizes cutting-edge technology solutions from the world of network, storage, compute and cloud.

The winner will be the Enterprise who have adopted technology that in the opinion of the judges, is futuristic and makes the most positive difference to data centre architecture, design, operation and management practices.

Best in DC Automation

Most forward thinking companies are looking to leverage the benefits of data centre automation to improve their operational efficiency as well as reduce the workload on their managers and data center staff.

This award recognizes the Enterprise who have adopted automation product and practices . All submissions will be evaluated based on effectiveness, ease of use, ROI and end user impact.


Dr Satyam Priyadarshy

Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton,

Past President - DC Chapter of TiE

Dr Ganesh Natarajan

Chairman: 5F World, Global Talent Track, Pune City Connect, and SVP India,

Founder: CAIA - Centre For AI And Advanced Analytics, Kalzoom Advisors, and NES

Anand Patil

Director Systems Engineering,

Cisco Systems

Mini Gupta

Partner, Technology Consulting – Cybersecurity,

Data Privacy, GRC technology at EY


Nominations Opens on

11 March 2021

Nominations Closes

30 March 2021

Shortlisting of Nominations

1 April 2021

Notifying Award Winners

4 April 2021

Virtual Awards Ceremony

23 June 2021


The recipients of the DC Innovation Awards will be selected and awarded through a three-step process.

  1. Organizations have to fill an online application form detailing their top Data Center and Cloud initiatives.
  2. A jury comprising top enterprise technology and thought leaders will review the applications in depth, evaluating all the categories minutely and its resulting benefits.
  3. Based on the evaluation by the jury, one winner will be selected in each vertical. The winners will be announced and facilitated at a glittering virtual event on 23 June 2021.


  1. The last date for sending in fully-filled nominations forms is 30 March 2021.
  2. Only completely-filled forms will be considered for the award.
  3. The award is applicable to organisations in the Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, Banking, IT/ITeS, Energy, SMB, & Government verticals.
  4. The digital transformation should have leveraged Cisco solutions.
  5. The nominated project should have been implemented in the last 18 months.
  6. Incremental changes or improvements to previous projects will not be considered.
  7. The decision of the jury will be final.